Childcare for ALL: What type of childcare are you looking for?

We have the opportunity to speak with so many families about their wants and needs concerning care for their children. It can be hard to decipher exactly what you're looking for. Do you need a nanny? Is daycare or preschool more of your lane? Are you looking for a babysitter? We are here to break it down for you!



A babysitter is someone who helps your family out a few times a month. Most babysitters generally come over to your home and babysit your children so that you can have a date night, run errands, get some work done around the house, etc. The babysitter is there to entertain the children, play with them, and maybe even feed them a meal. She is usually paid cash and puts in a few hours for your family per year. Most families have a list of sitters they can call on. These are usually students/young adults who love kids and want to make a little extra money.

In-Home Care:

In-Home Childcare is a licensed person or persons who have chosen to open their home to a small number of children (the maximum number varies by state). In-Home daycares generally tend to offer cheaper options than preschools and nanny services. They are usually open during business hours and have the flexibility to provide care after hours and on the weekends.

Preschools/Daycare Centers:

Preschools and Daycares offer larger groups of children to come to a facility to learn and grow each day! Most offer 2/3/5 day a week programs and are generally open during business hours. Most preschools offer a larger adult to child ratio in a controlled environment. Mother's Day Out programs is in this category as well. Mother's Day Out programs tends to provide a shorter amount of hours for care.


A nanny is someone who comes to your home to nurture, care, and (in our case) teach your children on a regular basis. A nanny can be part time, full time, work overnight, and travel with your family. Nannies can work on the weekends as well! They are usually contracted to work with a family for a period of time. Nannies generally have the same schedule week to week, but can also be on call for more nontraditional families. Nannies are paid by the hour (by law) and are considered household employees. They fill out W2 forms and work the position as they would any other job. Nannies in Middle Tennessee generally charge anywhere from 10-25 dollars an hour. Nannies are CPR/First Aid certified, and usually carry the perks of having Early Childhood Education related degrees and certifications. 

Nanny Share:

Nanny share gives an opportunity for two families to use the same nanny.  A nanny comes to the host family's home and cares for the children there. Usually, a nanny share is used by families who are neighbors, friends, family, or co-workers. Both families pay 2/3 of the nanny's salary, and their children are able to take advantage of the socialization aspect that comes along with nanny share.

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