Why YOU should hire a nanny

Nashville is growing like crazy! 

According to local statistics, from 2010-2016 32,403 people moved to Nashville, TN. Nashville is expected to have 2.6 million residents by 2035! Williamson County grew by 7,433 people from 2015-2016. Rutherford County gained 9,828 that same year! Need a comparison? Memphis, TN only grew by over 800 people that same year! Families are coming from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C, and more!

The people who are moving to Nashville are from larger urban cities and consider Nashville to be a smaller, safer place to live and raise a family. Unfortunately, our preschools aren't growing as quickly as the population. Families are running out of places to take their youngest children to school. This is where hiring a nanny comes in.


There are so many advantages to hiring a nanny. What is a nanny? According to Webster’s Dictionary: A nanny is a person who is employed to care for a child in their own home. In major cities like New York and Los Angeles, having a nanny is extremely popular. As Nashville continues to grow, having a nanny will be considered a very normal childcare expense for many families. Below are a few reasons why having a nanny is a great investment for families in The Greater Nashville Area:

  • Your infant or toddler is less likely to get sick. Even the most sterile daycares deal sicknesses such as the flu, hand foot and mouth, the rotavirus, pink eye, and the respiratory syncytial virus. Having your child in their home environment decreases the risk of them getting sick and you missing work to take care of them (while still paying the daycare).
  • Your child gets one on one attention from your nanny. Even if you decided on a nanny share, your child is still receiving 50% of your nanny's attention as opposed to 10% in a daycare.
  • There are no waiting lists. If you're working with a nanny agency such as ours, we can begin sending you candidates to interview as early as two weeks!
  • You're INVESTING in a peace of mind. Your child is in your home with someone who is an extension of your family.

Hiring a nanny is a major investment. However, the advantages to having one are endless! If you have questions about what type of nanny works best for you and your family, give us a call and we can help answer your questions! 615-722-7698.