Available Positions

Below is a list of the current nanny jobs available right now.  If you are interested in any of these positions, please click here to apply. If we feel you are the right fit, we will be in touch shortly!  We are not accepting out of state candidates at this time. All nannies are interviewed in person.


Nanny - Colllege Grove, TN #LUB222

A lovely family in College Grove, TN is looking for a nanny for their sweet 2 year old daughter. The family is looking for someone who has a lot of energy to keep up with their smart and spunky little girl. The ideal nanny will have a degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Or Special Education (Please note: the child does not have special needs). Duties include: Implementing Elite Nannies of Nashville Curriculum into your day, creating a daily schedule for their daughter, light meal prep, and light housekeeping such as doing the child's laundry during her nap time. The family loves to travel and would love a nanny who is comfortable flying with them to numerous destinations throughout the year so the nanny would need to have a passport. They do have a large dog, so the nanny would need to be comfortable being around animals. The family is willing to offer 30-40 hours per week depending on the nanny's availability. Pay is based on experience and starts at $20.00 per hour. This family is offering 7 paid holidays, a mid-year bonus, an end of the year bonus, and 10 PTO/Sick/Vacation days per year. The family is looking for someone for many years as they will be trying for another child very soon. If you are looking to grow with a family for years to come, this job is for you! We are looking for candidates in the Williamson County and Rutherford County areas due to the location. We are looking for nannies with a minimum of 2 years of professional nanny experience. This position begins immediately.


Family Assistant/Nanny - Franklin, TN #PRU212

A lovely family located in Franklin (37069 near the Bellevue city limits) is looking for a Family Assistant to help out around their home and help care for their 6 year old daughter and 8 year old son. The family is offering a guaranteed 30 hours per week, Monday-Friday with the option to add more hours as needed for date nights, etc. The schedule will begin at 6:00 am where the nanny will be responsible for getting the children up and ready for school in the morning + preparing breakfast, followed by taking the children to school and having them there by 7:45 am. Family Assistant/House management duties include whole house laundry, dry cleaning, running errands, cooking and prepping meals, driving the children to and from activities, and organizing as needed. These duties can be done on your own time within a schedule that you create within your work week. The family has a housekeeper, so light housekeeping is to be expected but should be focused only on the children and common areas where the nanny and the children would frequent. The children will need to be picked up from school at 3:00 pm and the nanny is to stay with the children until a parent comes home anywhere between 5:00 pm-7:00 pm. The schedule is flexible. This is a year'round position and Summer's will be included for summer camp instead of school. The family is looking for someone to grow with them for many years to come. The ideal nanny will be a decent-good cook in the kitchen. The little girl has celiac disease and the whole household is gluten-free, so school lunches and other meals will need to be prepared. The ideal nanny would be bilingual, (not required) consistent, have lots of energy, have a background as a family assistant or house manager as well as at least 5 or more years of professional nanny experience, have a clean driving record, and be a great communicator The family is offering $20+ per hour + Vacation/Sick/PTO, and paid mileage. This position begins immediately.


Homeschool Teacher’s Aid- Franklin, TN #MOR110

*Previously Posted Position*

Elite Nannies of Nashville has a family in Franklin, TN looking for a homeschool teacher's assistant for their 11 year old daughter who is entering the 6th grade. Their daughter is enrolled in an amazing homeschool program run by the state of Tennessee. She is attending a virtual school online and will be taught by teachers who will communicate with her in a virtual classroom where they can see/hear each other. An adult needs to be present during the school hours. The family is looking for someone who can come to their home Monday-Friday from 8 am til 12 pm and assist their daughter when she is having technical difficulties, has a question about an assignment, or generally needs a helping hand in language arts, social studies, math, and science. The assistant would be there to talk to the teacher if needed as well. The family is looking for someone who can make a connection with their daughter and create a bond with her as she is in the preteen stage of life and would love to have a big sister/mentor type of person around to help her with some of her school work. The ideal candidate will be someone who is comfortable working with children with special needs since the little girl has been diagnosed with anxiety and is on medication. A background in education or tutoring would be a plus considering you won't be teaching the child but may be asked a question or two about an assignment. The family does have two dogs, so the assistant will need to be comfortable being around pets. The family is willing to offer $15-$20 per hour and the job is contracted until May 2019. This position begins ASAP!


Full Time Nanny Share - East Nashville #JSE252

Two wonderful families in East Nashville are looking for an experienced nanny to participate in a nanny share for both of their newborn babies. The ideal nanny will be one who is reliable, open to feedback, proactive, experienced, educated, service oriented, and all around positive and optimistic about her job! This position requires for a nanny to have a minimum of two years of professional nanny experience from the age of 18 years old or older. The families are looking for a nanny who has experience with working with both multiples and infants (particularly newborns). The job starts at $20.00 per hour and will begin in February/March 2019. The position is a full time position with the days and hours being Monday-Friday from 7:45 am -5:15 pm (Overtime Pay will be applied). The families are willing to work out a PTO, Vacation Time package to be included in your official job offer. Elite Nannies of Nashville is accepting out of state applicants for this position. However, the nanny must be willing to interview with the family in person.


Part Time Nanny - Downtown Nashville #AND212

A wonderful family in the downtown Nashville area (Germantown) is looking for a part time nanny to care for their two year old and four year old sons Monday-Wednesday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm at a guaranteed 27 hours per week. Duties include caring for the 2 year old throughout the day and then picking up the 4 year old from his nearby preschool at 4:00 each day. Duties also include working on age-appropriate activities and curriculum with the two year old, keeping him on a schedule, doing art activities, going on outings, light meal prep, and light housekeeping. This position would be perfect for a musician, an artist, or an all-around creative! Mom is an artist and would love for her son to have a nanny who reflects a creative lifestyle. This position requires at least 2 years of professional nanny experience. You must be 21+ or older to apply. The position begins in January 2019 and pay is $16-$20 per hour.


Full time nanny - East Nashville, TN #YOU111

An awesome family located in East Nashville is looking for a longterm, full time nanny to care for their newborn baby boy. Both parents are working professionals who work outside of the home. The ideal nanny will be professional, have several years of infant experience, be a great communicator, and of course a nurturer at heart. Duties will include light housekeeping, meal prep, bottle feeding, and partnering with both Mom and Dad on the baby's schedule. The family is offering one week paid vacation and one week paid PTO/sick days as well as paid major U.S holidays. They are offering $15-$17 per hour (before taxes) depending on experience. This position begins on February 4, 2019 and will be Monday-Friday 9am -5 pm.

Please note: This family has three dogs who you are not responsible for. They are crate trained/outdoor dogs.


Full Time Nanny- Nashville, TN 37205 #EDA120

A lovely, professional family is looking for a nanny to care for their 3 year old and their infant (due January 2019). The family lives in the Belle Meade area and is looking for a nanny who could lovingly care for their newborn full time, and their 3 year old. Duties include bottle feeding, light meal prep, organizing, light housekeeping, transporting the 3 year old to and from daycare, getting both the baby and the toddler on a schedule, engaging in developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities with both children, and maintaining order in the household. The position will begin on a part time basis in March 2019 and move directly into full time at 40-45 hours per week at the beginning of April 2019. The family is offering paid sick and personal days off as well as paid vacation. This is a contracted position, and the family is looking for a nanny long term. This position pays $16-$20 per hour DOE.


Part Time Nanny - Nashville, TN #CMS121

A family in the 12 south area is looking for a positive, fun-loving part time nanny to help care for their three boys ages 8, 5, and 3. The hours are Monday-Friday from 2pm-7pm with the option for extra hours for a date night once a week. They are looking for someone who can create a vibrant, nurturing, and safe environment for the children, plan and accompany children on stimulating outings, and supervise playtime with children's friends. The ideal nanny would be willing to also plan and prepare meals, and bathe the children as needed. Light Housekeeping related to the children would also be expected. The nanny would need to have a reliable vehicle to drive the children to and from activities/school as needed. Experience helping children with ASD a plus! The family is willing to pay anywhere between $16-$20 dollars an hour based on experience.


Temporary Part-Time Nanny - Brentwood, TN #SAM232

An awesome family in Brentwood (37027) is looking for a part-time nanny for their newborn son and 19 month old son for approximately 20 hours/week (4pm-8pm Monday-Friday) starting in mid-March 2019. Duties include diaper changes, feeding, baths, light meal prep, taking the children to/from social outings (park, library, school, walks around the neighborhood, etc.), working with the children on their developmental milestones by engaging them in learning activities, and being a great role model! The family would love a nanny with a bubbly personality who has a great attitude, is passionate about playing a role in the education and development of the children, and has a genuine zest for life! There will also be some house manager duties such as the children's laundry, cleaning up after the children, light grocery shopping, some errands, and other duties as assigned. The ideal nanny would be someone who has at least 3 years of professional nanny experience and has experience with multiple small children since these children will be less than 18 months apart. This position is temporary and would end in May 2019. However, the family would like to extend the offer for the nanny to be a regular sitter used on an as needed basis if the nanny is interested! The family is willing to pay up to $20 per hour.